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I get asked on a regular basis, mostly around birthday or Christmas, “Brandon, what do you want?” ¬†I can never think of anything at the time yet I’m always seeing things I’d like to have…SO…here’s my list ūüôā As I run into things that I’d like, I’ll just add it here…if I get something that’s on my list, I’ll try try to remember to remove it from my list.

Is this a little self-serving!? ¬†Probably, but it’s my page…


This is cool…$99.95…one time fee and I can track my fuel mileage¬†and several other things…yea…I want it!



I want to FLY! ¬†I think…yea…I know, it doesn’t make sense…terrified of heights but LOVE TO FLY…I want to learn how to fly! ¬†There are two places somewhat local to do this: ¬†Central Flying Service¬†and Sparrow Flying Club. ¬†Intro price is in the neighborhood of $99. ¬†Occasially you can catch a ¬†deal on Groupon.com

A household membership to the Arkansas Canoe Club (click on the link)- Cost is $25.00




Fitbit Force – It retails at $129.95

This little gadget counts steps, calories burned, sleep patterns, etc.


fitbit scale

The Fitbit Aria also retails at $129.95 and works with the fitbit force, above.


mountin bike helmet

A mountain biking helmet – probably be a good thing since my health care coverage isn’t so hot ūüôā combined with me pushing 40 years old…um, yea!¬† Cross this one off the list…my amazing daughter bought me this for Christmas! ¬†You can find her on twitter at www.twitter.com/kyleesud or her website at www.kyleesud.com or on facebook by clicking here.

Rasberry Pi – I don’t like Rasberry’s so please, NO PIE…unless it’s apple or pumpkin…those are good…but this is a computer…and it’s awesome…and best of all, it’s only like $35 bucks! ¬†Any accessory on that page is cool too…like an enclosure or power cord, but I don’t have to have those…they’d just be cool.

Rasberry Pi

Taking this one off the list!!! Just ordered it. ¬†Christmas present from my Dad & Step-Mom (Mickey & Anna Morris)…THANK YOU!


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