Good Morning!

Well…here it is, January 9, 2013 the day Kylee Elizabeth~Sud Morris turns 15.

Happy Birthday Kylee

Look what a difference 5 years makes…

The big ONE-FIVE!  Talk about making someone feel old!  We had a good day yesterday…she went with me into town yesterday evening to do some QuickBooks POS training…while we were waiting on Paula at The Crossing for things to settle down, Kylee and I played some Chess and just had a little daddy/daughter time.  I love spending time with her…Guys if you have kids, spend time with them…not just time, but quality time, talk to them, but even more important, LISTEN to them.


My devotion comes out of 2 Corinthians 10:4 today, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.”

We think about war today, but this is not the type of war that Paul was dealing with.  The weapons he is referring to are not knives, guns, bombs, explosives, weaponsthat we tend to think about.  To me the weapons he is talking about are a lot more deadly.  The Corinthian church that Paul was dealing with was using weapons such as manipulation and intimidation to gain a “stronghold” in the church during that time.  However, Paul’s weapons of choice were prayer and proclamation of the gospel.  As believers, like Paul, the weapons we fight with are “might in God for pulling down strongholds.”

Christians to not live by conventional wisdom  and we do not fight our battles with conventional weapons.  The cause of Christ is never advanced by carnal actions or methods.  Our spiritual weapons, weak by the world’s standards, are more than sufficient to see us through and to defeat the enemy.  Living according to God’s Words is the way of inner peace, continuous joy, and spiritual victory.

That’s good stuff there boys and girls…when you are facing difficulty with people or things…YOU don’t have to battle them, and what appears to be a physical battle turns into a spiritual battle and when we fight with prayer and the Word of God…NOTHING can stand against it.

Today is going to be an AWESOME day, you should repeat that and then live it!

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  1. karen pemberton

    amen !!!

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