What a GREAT weekend!

We had an AWESOME weekend!  It’s funny how it doesn’t take but one thing to


happen during the weekend to define the whole thing.  Obviously everything I did this weekend wasn’t awesome but it’s all in your perspective.

I abhor moving, but despite moving we had a great crew to get it done and it got 98% done minus a few small things and defiantly all the big things.  We had Amie Grace, Kydee, KuKu, JuJu, G, A, and Ryan.

After we got done moving JuJu I got to meet an awesome family and do a little computer networking work for them thanks to another friend, Glen Casto.  I didn’t tell her this but, her family/kids are AWESOME!  The epitome of manners…although it was a little weird being called sir so many times…lol  You just don’t see that too often.  I also appreciate the invite to your church in Plainview.

Then yesterday, Sunday…having my new found Sunday liberty…not liberty to go or not to go to church, but WHERE because church attendance isn’t a requirement to being a Christian but it’s a privilege and a blessing as well as an American freedom (for now) that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  I go to church, not be a Christian but because I am a Christian.

We went to church at Centerville Assembly of God with Pastor Jeremy Bull…what an AWESOME service…the whole thing was great.  Let me just say, Rachael Bull can SANG!  Also missed Josh Foster and Becky Bodiford.

Sunday evening we went to “Deerwood Assembly of God”  NOW, I KNOW that it’s not called that anymore, it’s something like “Family Worship Center” or something like that.  Well, we went to what I had in my head “Family Worship Center” in Hattiville…guess what, they don’t have Sun. evening service.  Finally made it into Morrilton in time to catch Kevin West preaching the house down.  Love visiting with old church family and friends there too.  Kevin West, Ronnie & Terri Willcutt, & Ray & Ardellia Smith.

There is so much I could say, I might edit this post a little more later today and finish tagging some people in here…until then, have an awesome day!


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