Integrity – My morning scripture, Psalm 119:1…I love this!  The bible doesn’t call us to be sinless, in our fleshly nature, that is an impossibility.  However, it calls for us to be blameless, THAT is integrity.  Integrity is the opposite of duplicity and hypocrisy, which is the pretense to be something we are not.  The most difficult life to attempt to live is the one you are not.  Yet, the most blessed and least difficult to live is the life you have been given; be who you are!

Blameless is from the Greek word, memphomai. Which means irreproachable, faultless, or unblamable.

That is the man I want to be.  That is the preacher, husband, father, son, business owner, & leader that I want to be…an open book without fear of what someone may find.  How about you?

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