What REALLY Excites You?

be-excitedWhat are the things that REALLY excite you!?  It could be any number of things, your kids/grandkids, sports, good grades, promotions, etc.  Maybe it’s knowing that God loves you unconditionally and that you’re going to heaven.  (if you don’t know that, let’s talk.)

What gets God excited?  Mark 2:1-12 shows us 3 things.

  1.  He loves to see our FAITH!
    Jesus was excited to see the paralytic’s friends’ belief that He could heal.  So much so that He DID heal him both Physically & Spiritually.
  2. God gets excited about sharing His forgiveness!
    Jesus’ favorite thing to say to anyone is, “Your sins are forgiven.”
  3. He loves to show His faithfulness!
    May we never forget that it cost Him His Son for Him to be faithful to His character and forgive us of our sins.

If YOU are forgiven and you KNOW it, you should get excited!

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