Call all nerds, geeks, home-school parents – build an education alliance?

What in the world am I talking about?  An Education Alliance…okay, we’ll call it a club…maybe a group…whatever you call it….here’s the idea.

computing_students_by_lawrence_berkeley_national_laboratory_scaledI have a ton of things I’m interested in learning, Amie calls me a nerd…a geek, whatever it is, I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge.  That’s great Brandon…go learn….the problem here is that I don’t have the funds to buy all of the education I’d like, of which is a very wide variety.

The thought of an education alliance, a group of people who enjoy learning, contribute $5-10 monthly to grow and share a library of resources.  A lot of what I’m looking at is from The Great Courses.  They have great curriculum in almost EVERY subject matter.  IDEAL for homeschool students/parents to add some variety to lessons but I’m as much interested for me as I am for my kids.  They run specials every month with different sets put together to help save money as well.  We certainly wouldn’t be limited to this company though…

The details aren’t worked out and I don’t know anyone already doing this so I’m just curious if there is anyone else interested in something like this.  Reply here or e-mail at me if you might be interested.

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